UPI Vs BHIM Vs Samsung Pay which one is better?

UPI , BHIM and Samsung Pay all this three are payment technology that people are using now to make their easy and quick. UPI and BHIM is a payment service under Government of India and Samsung Pay developed by Samsung. As Government of India aims to make Digital India and a corruption free India so we have now three major options to choose. All these three are secure and enables you all to pay bills, fund transfer, balance enquiry and many more. The working principles of all are similar but lay some slight differences. So today in this article we will inform you among UPI, BHIM and Samsung Pay which one is better.


UPI is a technology developed by National Payment Corporation Of India to transfer funds to one account to another and to pay bills. To use this app on your smartphone, you need to link your bank account with this app. It uses your bank account number, Aadhaar card number, registered mobile number, bank IFSC code to transfer funds. This technology is adopted by many leading banks in India.

Features of UPI

  • Register with it using your bank details once.
  • With it you can enjoy fast transaction.
  • It allows you to transfer money less than 1 lakh in every transaction.
  • It works on IMPS system. So it is available 24×7.
  • Its interface is clean and developed with an advance secure interface.
  • This app provides all details of your banking transaction.
  • It has no any hidden charges.

BHIM (Bharat Interface For Money)

BHIM is an improved version of all UPI apps.It is easy to use as compared to other mobile wallets app. It offers a very clean interface through which users can easily create VPA (Virtual payment address) with their registered contact number. This app directly linked with bank accounts that differ it from other e-wallets app.

Features of BHIM:

  • You can use this app to do a transaction with any bank.
  • You don’t need to add any payees to transfer fund.
  • It is available in 12 different languages.
  • It is developed with an easy and friendly interface.
  • Transfer money with the receiver mobile number.
  • It allows instant funder transfer.
  • Merchant will cash back on every transaction and users will earn Rs.10 for every successful transaction.
  • You can transfer money to the save contacts in the phone.
  • You can also make payments by scanning QR codes.
  • It has strong authorization level as you can authorize a transaction using your UPI pin or fingerprint.
  • You can use this app in any version of Android operating system.
  • It is free from any type of transaction charge.
  • It works well even you don’t have data connection.
  • You can check every detail of your bank account using this app.

Samsung Pay

Samsung launched their payment service app Samsung Pay in India. Soon after the demonetization, Indian government develops UPI apps to make every type of transaction cashless. Samsung pay is also a payment interface which is used by many people for digital transaction. It is very famous in US, China, Singapore, Australia and Russia and recently they launched it in India.

Feature of Samsung Pay

  • You can pay bills with your debit and credit card but not physically.
  • In India, Samsung pay makes it available with Paytm wallet.
  • With it, you can also pay account to account payments.
  • Its interface is very friendly and developed with advanced technology.
  • It is very secure. So don’t worry about any loss of data.
  • You can lock it using pin or fingerprint.


Verdict-which one is the best

BHIM is the advanced version of UPI with many features. If you are looking for features than BHIM is the best but if you are looking for daily transaction limit then UPI is the best as BHIM now allows 20k to 40k in every transaction.

BHIM supports more banks as compared to UPI payment interface. It is very secure as compared to UPI and works on all handset. UPI needs an internet connection to make payment but you can do a transaction using BHIM even you are not connected your mobile with the internet. UPI does not offer cash back in every transaction as BHIM. So, among UPI and BHIM, BHIM wins in comparison.

Now If we compare BHIM with Samsung Pay then BHIM is the best. Though both these two apps are developed with advanced feature still BHIM is the best. Samsung Pay only supports Samsung handset whereas BHIM supports every platform. BHIM now supports maximum leading banks but in this case, Samsung Pay lagging behind. So among UPI, BHIM and Samsung Pay, BHIM is the best.

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